Bachelor Film

During the third year at the Animation Workshop we make our bachelor projects.
Together with 6 other students I worked on the short film 'Once Upon A Candle' in the roles of Art Director, Pipeline Manager, Lead Rigger as well as doing general CG work. The film is due to be released in January 2013 when we graduate.

Once Upon A Candle's Production blog.

Meanwhile here's some excerpts from the work I have been doing:


Nuke pipeline & workflow development:
    I created a workflow using 'modules' of nuke nodes to encourage collaboration
    and make the look consistent across the film. This made it quick to reach a base
    level and quickly focus on improving look and made sharing shots between us
    easier as the workflow was the same.

Light, render & compositing:
    I lit, rendered and composited these shots in their entirety

    I graded the film as well, but showing that will have to wait till January

more will be added soon!